December 17, 2016

This Sunday, December 18, 6-9pm


Join us Sunday evening, from 6-9pm, as we host the TOP photographers working in the surf industry for a special event...

Brian Bielmann, Zak Noyle, Tom Servais, Brent Bielmann, Joli, Lazerwolf, Vince Cavataio, Dave Bjorn, Tai Van Dyke, Fred Booth, Hank photo

Living essentially nomadic existences, these photographers have been producing the images that have graced your favorite magazines, media sites, major ad campaigns, and walls for decades. Join us to hear the stories behind the capturing of these images, and what it's like to follow the world's best surfers on their hunt for the world's best waves. 

Each photographer will speak for 10-15 minutes on a topic, story, or lesson of their choice. Guests are welcomed to participate in a Q&A and ask questions of their favorite photographers at this candid, intimate event. 

December 08, 2016

The Hula Project - Saturday December 10th, 6-9pm

Kirk’s respectful interest for hula and his fond appreciation for the Hawaiian Islands began when he married a local girl from Oahu over a decade ago. Having danced as a young child, his wife’s love for Hula, the importance of the Aloha spirit and her pride for her home inspired Kirk to begin “The Hula Project”.

“The Hula Project” is an exploration of the spiritual integrity of the hula and its significant relationship to nature. The concept was to capture the strength and grace of the dancer and their intimate connection and correlation to the diverse power and beauty of their surroundings at its most basic. 

By shooting in black and white, the photographs are stripped of modern day filters and the distractions of digital effects, creating timeless images. Shot strictly in natural light, Kirk honors the sincerity of the dancer, capturing the grace and realness of his subject. The dancer is featured independently to acknowledge the importance and the significance behind the movement.  

Kirk has been honored as one of American Photo’s 10 Best Young Photographers in America. He has also been privileged to have been recognized as PDN Photo Annual Winner for Corporate Design/Photo Projects, Website Design, & Faces Competition. 

November 30, 2015

SEALEVEL - How life on the ocean's edge inspired Ted to create this collection.


Two years ago, 730 sunrises ago, I made a personal commitment to creatively document this silent change - hence this photographic series - SEALEVEL. Exploring the elements and interplay of the ocean before sunrise. Distilling the elements to a bare minimum to express a body of work that is purely abstract. Captured moments from natures rich pallet of colours, its subtle tones and myriad of hues reflecting the mood of each new day.

“A symphony of light dancing across the oceans surface.”

As this project has evolved over time I’ve been able to reflect on the importance of sea level in my life, my entire existence revolves around it. With three decades as a surf photographer, I have had the privilege to photograph in, on and below the waters surface, in some of the most remote places on the planet. From the island of Svalbard, which is north of Norway, also Iceland and Russia, Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, and almost every island of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

When you take into account that most of the worlds population is concentrated on the coast, any change in the level of the sea, even by the slightest amount, has the potential for catastrophic global consequences.


As a surf photographer, I completely comprehend that a minute rise of the sea level would effect every surf-able wave on the planet. Yet, to contemplate the potential change that this would have on life
as we know it, is almost too overwhelming to understand.

Sea level is our one constant. We measure everything from sea level, above sea level, below sea level – everything is effected.

Documenting the ocean at sea level has created a channel to introduce you to the issues of climate change through fine art photography. Create an opportunity not only to reflect on the ocean and its beauty, but also create awareness that is supported by relevant scientific information. “SEALEVEL”, will give rise to ponder, discuss and consider the effects we are having on our planet through our everyday living choices. A body of work that is designed to inspire and educate thus to eventuate a greater personal responsibility.

November 23, 2015

Dec 2 - 7 Pipeline Gallery will host the world debut of Ted Grambeau's fine art exhibition aimed at bringing awareness to climate change

We are anxiously anticipating the debut of SEALEVEL, a collection of work which legendary photographer, Ted Grambeau, has referred to as his finest. 

the art of awareness

I want to bring awareness to one of the major environmental issues of our time through the medium of fine art photography. Telling the shocking story about climate change by choosing to use beauty without words – the silence of change – the rising sea level.

A personal photographic project that’s relevant to all. To initiate a point of interest while educating and informing people. An awareness that will empower individuals to exert influences through the choices they make as consumers, voters and surfers.

“My wish is to inspire the choice of change through the art of awareness - SEALEVEL.”

climate change

To address any issue we must first be able to identify what that issue is. It needs to be clear and have a potent relevance to our every day lives. We are constantly exposed to fear as a community, both real and perceived. Our security, the safety of our family, our health and well-being are threatened.

I draw reference from this powerful statement:

“Despite the present threats of terrorism, instability and disease, climate change would define the contours of the century more dramatically than any other issue." 
— U.S. President Barack Obama

Despite this, most people still feel powerless to act, and see climate change as someone else's responsibility, and that it does not effect them directly. Unless an individual understands how that specific problem will impact upon them, it is unlikely they will feel empowered or motivated enough to take any action. Climate change and the resulting rise of the sea level is a silent and invisible issue!

Empowered is the informed individual to seek solutions and influence the decision makers, we have a potent voice, we are a powerful collective that is often underestimated.

November 22, 2015

Steep and Deep Pipeline/Backdoor Photo Challenge

Sign up for the 5TH annual Live Like Sion Steep and Deep Pipeline/Backdoor Photo Challenge at Pipeline Gallery until December 22. View full article →
August 26, 2015

Zak Noyle Show and New Release Debut at Pipeline Gallery SEPT 20

Meet Zak Noyle at Pipeline Gallery on September 20 when he debuts his new release image "Sunrise Focus." View full article →
May 27, 2015

It's About Time

We think it's high time that a surf photo gallery existed on the North Shore of Oahu and we aren't the only ones. Hopefully this gets you as excited as we are about what's to come.