Dec 2 - 7 Pipeline Gallery will host the world debut of Ted Grambeau's fine art exhibition aimed at bringing awareness to climate change

We are anxiously anticipating the debut of SEALEVEL, a collection of work which legendary photographer, Ted Grambeau, has referred to as his finest. 

the art of awareness

I want to bring awareness to one of the major environmental issues of our time through the medium of fine art photography. Telling the shocking story about climate change by choosing to use beauty without words – the silence of change – the rising sea level.

A personal photographic project that’s relevant to all. To initiate a point of interest while educating and informing people. An awareness that will empower individuals to exert influences through the choices they make as consumers, voters and surfers.

“My wish is to inspire the choice of change through the art of awareness - SEALEVEL.”

climate change

To address any issue we must first be able to identify what that issue is. It needs to be clear and have a potent relevance to our every day lives. We are constantly exposed to fear as a community, both real and perceived. Our security, the safety of our family, our health and well-being are threatened.

I draw reference from this powerful statement:

“Despite the present threats of terrorism, instability and disease, climate change would define the contours of the century more dramatically than any other issue." 
— U.S. President Barack Obama

Despite this, most people still feel powerless to act, and see climate change as someone else's responsibility, and that it does not effect them directly. Unless an individual understands how that specific problem will impact upon them, it is unlikely they will feel empowered or motivated enough to take any action. Climate change and the resulting rise of the sea level is a silent and invisible issue!

Empowered is the informed individual to seek solutions and influence the decision makers, we have a potent voice, we are a powerful collective that is often underestimated.