SEALEVEL - How life on the ocean's edge inspired Ted to create this collection.


Two years ago, 730 sunrises ago, I made a personal commitment to creatively document this silent change - hence this photographic series - SEALEVEL. Exploring the elements and interplay of the ocean before sunrise. Distilling the elements to a bare minimum to express a body of work that is purely abstract. Captured moments from natures rich pallet of colours, its subtle tones and myriad of hues reflecting the mood of each new day.

“A symphony of light dancing across the oceans surface.”

As this project has evolved over time I’ve been able to reflect on the importance of sea level in my life, my entire existence revolves around it. With three decades as a surf photographer, I have had the privilege to photograph in, on and below the waters surface, in some of the most remote places on the planet. From the island of Svalbard, which is north of Norway, also Iceland and Russia, Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, and almost every island of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

When you take into account that most of the worlds population is concentrated on the coast, any change in the level of the sea, even by the slightest amount, has the potential for catastrophic global consequences.


As a surf photographer, I completely comprehend that a minute rise of the sea level would effect every surf-able wave on the planet. Yet, to contemplate the potential change that this would have on life
as we know it, is almost too overwhelming to understand.

Sea level is our one constant. We measure everything from sea level, above sea level, below sea level – everything is effected.

Documenting the ocean at sea level has created a channel to introduce you to the issues of climate change through fine art photography. Create an opportunity not only to reflect on the ocean and its beauty, but also create awareness that is supported by relevant scientific information. “SEALEVEL”, will give rise to ponder, discuss and consider the effects we are having on our planet through our everyday living choices. A body of work that is designed to inspire and educate thus to eventuate a greater personal responsibility.