The Hula Project - Saturday December 10th, 6-9pm

Kirk’s respectful interest for hula and his fond appreciation for the Hawaiian Islands began when he married a local girl from Oahu over a decade ago. Having danced as a young child, his wife’s love for Hula, the importance of the Aloha spirit and her pride for her home inspired Kirk to begin “The Hula Project”.

“The Hula Project” is an exploration of the spiritual integrity of the hula and its significant relationship to nature. The concept was to capture the strength and grace of the dancer and their intimate connection and correlation to the diverse power and beauty of their surroundings at its most basic. 

By shooting in black and white, the photographs are stripped of modern day filters and the distractions of digital effects, creating timeless images. Shot strictly in natural light, Kirk honors the sincerity of the dancer, capturing the grace and realness of his subject. The dancer is featured independently to acknowledge the importance and the significance behind the movement.  

Kirk has been honored as one of American Photo’s 10 Best Young Photographers in America. He has also been privileged to have been recognized as PDN Photo Annual Winner for Corporate Design/Photo Projects, Website Design, & Faces Competition.