Tom Servais

Growing up in Florida in the early 60’s, Tom Servais spent many days fishing off the piers of Miami Beach, mesmerized by the view of the surfing from the high pier angle. He soon got a subscription to Surfer magazine and started saving for his first board. In ’73, he drove to California to surf. Not long after, he ended up working at Surfer for 20 years, initially under the guidance of Art Brewer and Jeff Divine who to this day inspire him.

Since leaving the comfort of the Surfer office job in ’98, Tom has spent between seven to nine months a year traveling. He’s witnessed and captured some of the greatest moments in surfing and has met some very interesting people. From game parks in South Africa, kava ceremonies in Fiji, camped on a remote island in the Aleutian Islands, to witnessing holiday street scenes in South America, he’s made countless friends and captured magical moments.