Give Back

Our campaign is one of approaching this life with gratitude and enthusiasm. We want to support the pursuance of dreams, the arts, and stewardship of this planet and it's inhabitants.

A portion of our proceeds is donated to organizations aimed at improving social and/or environmental issues, who we feel have the highest level of integrity and the greatest impact or potential.

We will also be creating the Pipeline Gallery "Pipe Dream Fund." This fund will help realize the seemingly unreachable dreams of selected youth who may be restricted in doing so by lack of finances or other resources. We feel that showing young dreamers that more is accomplishable than one may think, is a valuable lesson... one that unlocks potential and inspires a drive. More to come on this as it is created...

We wish to encourage not just monetary giving, but taking an active part in bettering the community in which we live. Our Pipeline Gallery family members each choose an organization to get involved with which works towards something that they personally feel passionate about. 

If you have or know of an organization or cause that might be a fitting recipient of our giving, drop us a line at